Here Is How We Changed Our Daily Lives.

This was such a great reminder that routines are good, even little ones, and can be such an emotional support too.

St. Martha's Lens

With every story there is a beginning.  This one is no different and starts right there.

Yawn!  The alarm on my phone has gone off which means it is 6am.  I don’t even hit snooze to be awaken later, I just turn it off and wait for the kiddos to crawl in.  Here they are not fifteen minutes later (I assume, because I’m not checking the time).  Without even raising an eyelid, I tuck whomever is closest into my arms and try to coax that child into resting a little bit longer; my husband snuggles the other (the third is lying in her crib).  Then comes the constant dinging from the phone on the other side of the bed.  That means it’s 6:30am.  The kids pop up from their “slumber” again we pull them back down to us and try to squeeze in a few minutes.  Finally, around 7am they’re…

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