Top 12 Posts of 2017

I did not write a whole lot in 2017, but some of the posts I did write seemed to go over quite well.  I learned a whole lot about the blogosphere and social media, as well as link-ups, blog book tours, and working with artisans.  I chose to highlight the top twelve posts by the amount of traffic they generated, mostly in part to linking up with others! Originally I was going to highlight just ten, but then realized that there were two more I wanted to include, haha!  I will list them from twelve to one.

I foresee a lot more activity here at The Lemke Lodge (other than having a baby, moving, and a new attorney for a husband) in the future, as I have a new laptop, and some big plans in terms of my shop and of course, the blog.  I hope your year has started off with wonderful things, and no flu, and I hope to see you more around here!

12. Book Review: Super Girls and Halos


11. M.E.P.S.


10. 12 things Tom did when I tried to nap (explained via GIFs)


9. 7QT: most recently

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

8. 15 Minutes: Halloween, All Saints’ Day, All Souls’ Day

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

7. two years


6. 15 Minutes: boring mommy


5. Harvey, My Mom, and Motherhood

4. 7 Quick Takes – Recipes, Personalities, and NFP


3. 7QT: the latest of things [baby announcements should always be in the top!]


2. Marian Virtue Series: Surpassing Purity


  1. Christmas 2017 Gift Guide


Thank you, dear readers and passers by, for a wonderful 2017!

xoxo, Alex


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