For those of you wondering why the title of this blog is as so, I got the inspiration from my husband’s Canadian relatives.  They’ve got a lodge, so I thought that it was appropriate.  Our last name is Lemke, so yes, the Lemke Lodge.  I grew up reading everything, and my favorite authoresses (L.M. Montgomery and Louisa May Alcott) both named the various homes in their books, so that is something I have always wanted once “grown up.”

That being said, I have always associated lodges with comfort, relaxation, and a space to rejuvenate before going back to reality.  This is the model for our home and what we try to create for our own children. We cannot expect change in the world if we do not foster a space where our own family can come together to pray, converse, and learn from each other amidst a heap of toys and a cup of tea. 

My goal for my writings and musings here is that millennial Catholics can find their interwebs lodge here, especially those who are trying to (and already do!) fully embrace the truth, beauty, and goodness of the Catholic Faith.  I welcome any reader here with open arms, and hope that you too can find a room at the lodge. 

photos by Walking Dot Photography